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Russia’s African footprint grows with Lavrov trip to Mali

At the weekend, the junta later expelled Minusma's human rights chief for purportedly collaborating with Ms Dicko. The authorities have trumpeted military gains,...

Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes

"It's an important paper,' said Stephan Harrison, a leading expert on the impact of climate change on glacial lakes at the University of...

BBC reports from Antakya, a city reduced to rubble

The BBC's Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville has seen first hand the destruction in Antakya, a city in the south of Turkey. He...

Pervez Musharraf: Thousands attend funeral of ex-Pakistan military leader

Funeral prayers took place at a military compound in Karachi, but were not attended by army leaders. Source link

Ukraine war: Russians seen reinforcing east ahead of offensive

Tens of thousands of Russians are being sent to eastern Ukraine, the Luhansk governor says. Source link

Dramatic rescue saves Thai baby who fell down well

The 19-month-old child slipped between a 30cm (12in) wide gap and fell to the bottom of the well. Source link

BP sees biggest profit in 114-year history after oil and gas prices soar

It is the latest energy giant to report record annual profits after oil and gas prices soared last year. Source link

پیراگون ریفرنس نیب کے تفتیشی کی شریک ملزمان کا سپلیمنٹری چالان جمع کرانے کیلئے مہلت کی استدعا منظور 

پیراگون ریفرنس ،نیب کے تفتیشی کی شریک ملزمان کا سپلیمنٹری چالان جمع کرانے ... ...

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