Blueprint to reverse nature’s decline revealed

Ministers set out plans for restoring nature amid growing criticism over pollution and wildlife decline. Source link

Green projects are boosting UK growth – CBI report

Projects aimed at lowering carbon emissions are boosting growth in poorer parts of the country. Source link

Biden restores protections to Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Logging and road building will be once again banned in much of Alaska's Tongass Forest. Source link

Another whale mysteriously washes ashore in US

An increase in beached whales across the US coastline has baffled researchers and environmentalists. Source link

Government green heating scheme off to slow start

A spokesperson for the UK's Climate Change Committee, the government's advisory group on climate, told the BBC that although the number of retrofits...

True wild camping on Dartmoor not threatened say landowners

They say it is "perfectly understandable" that people are upset that wild camping was restricted. Source link

Asteroid to pass closer than some satellites

About the size of a bus, the space rock will whip over the southern tip of South America. Source link

Elms: England green farming subsidies detail unveiled

Landowners in England will be rewarded for environmental work as well as for producing food. Source link

Can these rocks really power light bulbs? No, say the experts

Viral videos of minerals with apparent electrical properties are not what they seem. Source link

Signs used by apes understood by humans

Researchers believe gestures used by chimps and bonobos were a "starting point" for our language. Source link