Eurasian Beaver now legally protected in England

Wildlife groups praised the move making it illegal to capture, kill, injure or disturb them. Source link

Sleeping in barns – homeless in the countryside

Rural rough sleepers face harsh conditions as a taskforce warns of a hidden homelessness "crisis". Source link

Energy efficiency plan to help England’s low-income homes

English housing providers get funds to upgrade energy efficiency and insulation of low income homes. Source link

Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade – report

In this latest report from Global Witness, Latin America is very much the frontline when it comes to deadly attacks on environmental campaigners...

Dogs can sniff out stress on owner’s breath

Four dogs successfully identified samples of sweat or breath taken from a stressed person. Source link

Big oil’s toxic emissions from flaring undeclared

BBC investigation finds oil companies not declaring millions of tonnes of cancer-linked emissions. Source link

Study contradicts Rees-Mogg over hydrogen for heating

The appeal of hydrogen is that it is clean when burnt, and that it can be made from water, an almost limitless resource....

Wildlife protection helps species thrive in Europe – report

Grey wolves are one of the greatest success stories, according to the report. They were found in most areas of Europe at the...

Are hurricanes getting more powerful?

Hurricanes are among the most violent storms on Earth and there’s evidence they’re getting more powerful.So how do they form and what impact,...

More than half of the world’s palm trees in danger

Many useful members of this "iconic" plant family are at risk of extinction, according to a study. Source link