UK museums ask for children to inspire action through art

Major artists including FKA Twigs will work with children across 500 museums to create wildlife artworks. Source link

Clouds part to reveal colossal Antarctic iceberg

The EU's Sentinel-2 satellite obtains a crystal clear image of Antarctica's new monster iceberg. Source link

Webb telescope hunts life’s icy chemical origins

In addition to simple ices such as water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and methane, Webb sees several other compounds, including carbonyl sulphide...

Bee-harming pesticide use given emergency authorisation

Permission to treat sugar beet seeds with a pesticide that can harm bees is given by the government. Source link

The ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown

An indigenous community in Canada is suing for their land - and using unusual evidence in their case. Source link

Egypt zoo overhaul plan raises animal welfare fears

The factory worker, who is paid just under $100 (£82) a month, has little money to spare for leisure activities and fears the...

Algae that blights our seas is harvested to make useful products

Seaweed, including that from unwanted outbreaks, is increasingly being turned into useful products. Source link

Government to offer £600m for green steel switch

"I think there is a role for government to provide targeted support in the first stages of a completely new technological deployment", said...

Motion capture tech from Avatar films used in disease research

Motion capture suits used to create alien characters can track the onset of diseases of movement, researchers say. Source link

How eating oysters could help protect the coast

Restaurants in New Orleans are recycling their oyster shells in an effort to protect the Louisiana coastline. Source link