Is this the UK’s most important fireball?

A PhD student looking into what scientists regard as the most important space rock ever to be recovered in the UK has said:...

Dartmoor protesters march over right to wild camp

Environmental activists, families and scout groups protest against the loss of camping rights. Source link

Shellfish deaths possibly caused by new disease – report

The report from 12 independent experts found toxic chemicals and dredging were very unlikely causes. Source link

Glass bottles excluded from deposit return plans

Many countries have much higher rates of recycling than the UK and have been operating similar schemes for years. Daniel Webb, who runs...

Britain’s Tim Peake retires from European astronaut corps

The British astronaut who inspired millions with his passion for space will concentrate on educational outreach. Source link

Light pollution: Huge fall in stars that can be seen with naked eye

Dr Kyba said he had hoped to see some signs of improvement in light pollution in recent years, because many urban centres have...

The race to make diesel engines run on hydrogen

Ordinary diesel trucks could be converted to a hydrogen-diesel mix, according to researchers in Australia. Source link

Dartmoor wild camping agreement reached

Dartmoor landowners to be paid by national park in return for letting people wild camp on their land. Source link

Government falling ‘far short’ on environmental targets

An independent watchdog warns that England is facing a 'deeply concerning decline in biodiversity'. Source link

Climate change: Invest in technology that removes CO2 – report

One, known as BECCS, involves incorporating CO2 capture into biomass-based electricity-generation, in which organic matter such as crops and wood pellets are burned...