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Floridians brace for ‘strengthening’ Hurricane Ian

Residents are stocking up on groceries, fuel and sandbags as Ian strengthens into a major hurricane. Source link

Kenya Kiambu building collapse: Rescue efforts under way

Emergency workers pull a child from the rubble in Kiambu county but at least three people have died. Source link

Deadly gun attack at Russian school

Pupils are among at least nine people killed and 20 wounded after a gunman opens fire at the school in Izhevsk. Source link

Giorgia Meloni: Far-right leader poised to run Italy

Giorgia Meloni is set to be Italy's first female PM and vehemently rejects any link to fascism. Source link

Chris Davidson: Former pro-surfer dies after punch outside Australian pub

Chris Davidson has been remembered as "one of the most naturally talented surfers" Australia has seen. Source link

Shinzo Abe: Why a state funeral for Shinzo Abe is controversial

First off, this is not a normal event. In Japan, state funerals are reserved for members of the Imperial Family. Only once, since...

Japan’s push into ‘deep tech’ innovation

Japanese start-up firms are developing next-generation solar panels and microchips. Source link

People smuggler: I get clients to sign a waiver

"We buy a small dinghy. It costs about $10,000-$20,000," the people smuggler says. "One of the passengers gets a free trip in return...