Great pyramid shocking precise

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Giza Plateau Egypt

Great pyramid shocking precise
Giza Plateau Egypt

the Great Pyramid is arguably the most enigmatic structure on the face of the earth.

it is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world and has inspired endless speculation as to how it was built and what purpose it served ever since the first studies of the Great Pyramid and Egypt have been made researchers have been amazed at the mathematical knowledge that is encoded into the Great Pyramid.

 the measurements that are used in it even the placement of the Great Pyramid has aroused great interest among Egyptologists.

the Great Pyramid is aligned to within three sixtieth of a degree of North a more accurate alignment than any other structure on earth.

 when you look at the Great Pyramids alignment it’s aligned very close to true north even more interesting is to think.

 about tracking back in time because the Earth’s axis has been shifting slowly it’s what we call processes and so if there’s been a shift in that alignment it could be that it was even more accurately aligned to North in the past .

when they built it the Great Pyramid is not only perfectly aligned to the cardinal points its placement on the earth. 

is seemingly intentional as well if you pass a great circle from the pyramid through its cardinal and is ordinal directions what you find is that these circles will pass through more landmass of the earth than any other location on the earth you find that the Great Pyramid is a saint in a located at the center of the world’s land mass.

the Great Pyramid was built the level of technological sophistication far in excess of anything that we have today they don’t use the inch as we normally have it in the English system it’s the cubit and what’s interesting about this Cuban is that it is exactly 125 millionth.

 of the polar diameter of the earth meaning the distance from the North Pole to the South Pole of the earth chop it up into 25 million pieces there’s your qubit it’s perfect is that you have to take the length of the Great Pyramid at its mean socket level which is the corners of the actual building.

 it translates into 365 point two for pyramid qubits which just happens to be the earthly year right down to 1/4 day.

 the measurements of the length and width of the perimeter of the Great Pyramid correspond to an exact fraction of both the latitude and longitude measurements at the equator scaled up this means the Great Pyramid directly.

 corresponds to the circumference of the Equator as well as the measurement from the equator to the pole making it a scale model of the northern hemisphere.

 if you take the location of the Great Pyramid as a coordinate this number sequence of this coordinate matches exactly the speed of light traveling through space measured in meters per second this is amazing stuff when you consider the vast amount of information about the earth that’s encoded into the Great Pyramid you can’t just dismiss all of this as pure coincidence you

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