How to choose purpose of life in just few Minutes

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I would like to end my talk by just summarizing in order to achieve the purpose of your life in different stages of your life you have to see that you are towards the direction before i give this six points when people take admission in our school I normally ask them when is the best time the latest time that you have to think about the future of your child when the latest what your child will become what will he do when his latest many people reply when he goes to college some

people say that nobody takes admission in school some people say no when he takes admission in kindergarten no one has given me answer earlier than that the Islamic way the latest that you can think about the future of your child is when you choose your life partner when you choose your life partner is the time you think what will you make your son because the mother the father the parents they are the best teachers you have to plan early that’s the latest that you have to think regarding the future of your child I’d like to summarize the purpose of life and how a person should lead is number one that when you get education see to it you get education in an institution in a school in a college which caters to you

for both the world in this world only the degrees of this world will not help you put him in a school which caters for both akhirah and this world both and Inshallah we started with the philosophy of having Islam international school and if Allah wills we want to expand more branches of such schools number two they should see to it that they have friends which also have the same purpose of life their friends which are Islamic when they grow up they should join organization whose goal and objective is based on Quran and sahadeet join Islamic organization but before joining organization check whether that organization is following the commandments of Allah given in the Quran and the saying that the prophet

Muhammad number four when they choose the profession Allah says in surah Imran chapter number three verse 104 that let they arise out of you a band of people that enjoined people towards the good and forbid them from doing wrong these are the ones that shall attain felicity Allah says instead of fusilla chapter number 41 verse number 33 woman Hassan who is better in speech than one who invites to the way of thy lord walks righteousness and says that I’m a Muslim choose a profession that will take him closer to Allah and there’s no better

profession than the profession of spending your time and spreading the message of Allah number five see to it as a choose your life partner which has the same purpose same goal Allah and his Rasool Allah center and the sixth point i would like to end my talk by the verse of the Quran from Surah Anam chapter number 6 verse 162 which all my prayers my service of sacrifice my life and my death are for the sake of Allah the lord of the worlds Alhamdulillah

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