How to do free call on every number .

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Text Now

Our activation kit comes with a SIM card that gives unlocked Android or iPhone devices access to our unlimited nationwide talk and text service for $0/month. Our ad-supported free phone service helps you keep the conversation going wherever you are.

Talk U

How can I get TalkU? TalkU is a free mobile application. If you are using an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch, please find and download the app by searching “TalkU” at the App Store. If you are using an Android phone, please download TalkU from Google Play.

Aslam O Alikum everyone.

How to do free call on every number

I hope all of you are in good health and your all have an awesome day so in this Article. I’m going to show guys how you can call anyone without any credits in case of an emergency or if you want to call anyone and don’t want them to see your phone number by calling them from an unknown number and the only aim of this video is help you in case you’re desperately trying to call someone and you don’t have the credits to call anyone just by using the internet so to call anyone from an unknown number as well call without credits you’ll need two apps one is TEXT NOW and the second one is TALK U.

Firstly install talk now on your Smartphone.

Sign up in text now Noted sign up by using your Gmail account after that choose the area code etc USA, Canada, or any other I’m using the country code of USA which is 458 after that’ll get a list number available for use so choose any number you like and it might take a while to process so don’t back up or close app otherwise you’ll have to redo everything all over again after your account is now set up in Text Now copy the number you just chose because you’ll need it then go to talk U app NOTED both apps are in my telegram channel you guys can download them from my group after opening up the talk U make an account here as well but do them in mind paste the same number you chose in the talk now app using the same country code.

How to do free call on every number
How to do free call on every number

I used a USA number so ill first type the USA country code.

Then add my usa number here as well TIP always copy your number from talk NOW don’t share it otherwise you this app shares your number with text saying THIS IS MY NUMBER 12344555 which is impossible to then add to talk u app and people get confuse why their number is not being pasted after adding your number wait for another 30 sacs and you’ll get a code to activate your talk u app and after this now I can call anyone I wan to by talk u app using this text now number and now you guys can see I have called on my own cell using this app just so I can probe it to you guys that app really works so this by far the easiest way to call anyone so please do comment down below if you have any sort issues rather then just calling my content fake just because your having problem settings up text now or talk u accounts so any other tip for you guys is that if you run out of credits then simply make another account on text now using an different number then make an other account on talk u using that same number. I reply to everyone and will help as much as I can so ill see you all in the next one until then KHUDA HAFIZ


  • You need two apps to make free calls without credits – Text Now and Talk U. To sign up for Text Now, use your Gmail account. To sign up for Talk U, use your country code (USA, Canada, etc.). After you have both apps set up, copy the
  • 1. Get a free USA number from TextNow.
  • 2. Create an account on TalkU using that number.
  • 3. Download the TalkU app and log in with your TalkU account.
  • 4. That’s it! You can now call any number in the.

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