How to do Natural Makeup look for beginners

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Step : 1

Hi everyone okay i already applied skincare so i’m gonna apply sunscreen right now this one is from mac queenie work so for school i prefer not wearing foundation just because it’s more comfortable .


So i’m just gonna wear concealer and i’m putting that under the eyes and then for eye makeup i’m gonna use this palette from from cordenko all the colors are so okay the colors are so pretty whoa i’m going to take this topic shade and put that over the lid like that and then i’m also going to put the same shadow on the lower lash line i’m going to use some of this rosy shade i’m going to put that on the outer and finally

Step : 2

 i’m going to use this top left glitter and put that on the lid i’m using my finger because it can pick up a lot of product and i’m also going to use that same glitter on the lower lash line and then slightly lean out like that make sure you tilt your face up so you don’t leave any gaps in the bottom and then you can add mascara if you’d like but i don’t usually like adding mascara so i just leave it like this for blush i’m going to use this one for 3ce it’s their face blush in rose beige for lips

Step : 3

 i’m going to use this one from i mean it has several colors so you can bring this to school and then choose whichever one you’d want i like these because they’re more portable this is falling so you don’t have to bring like 10 different ones i’m going to use the first shad then i’m going to use the second to the bottom shade oh my gosh my bangs are always like huh so i hope you guys liked that article make sure to like share and comment below and i’ll see you guys next time bye bye

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