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Step : 1

I didn’t apply a foundation  and i didn’t shave my eyebrows a lot.  i think this is a real natural makeup look as for the corrector i will take a bobby  browns corrector in peach  and i’m going to apply my under eyes and  around my lips which look dark. 

Step: 2

  I apply on my eyelids which looks also  dark  i just use my finger to blend it out.

    I’m gonna use two different shade  concealers one matches with my skin tone  almost perfectly and the other one is  lighter than my skin tone so i mix them  to make it a little bit lighter than my  skin tone  currently i don’t use the foundation so  i found that it is very important to  make the center of my face lighter  i’m gonna apply the center of my face  to make it look lighter  and also around my lips which looks  uneven.

Step: 3

So  i’m gonna powder all the base makeup before eyeshadow i will take urban  decay’s eyeshadow primer  i’m gonna apply it on my eyelids and the  lower lash lines  i’m gonna use the ash brown shadow to  contour my eyes and nose.

 I’m using a gold  bronzy shadow and i’m gonna apply on my  lease  and blend it out with a blending brush  this is a natural makeup look though i  want to make my eyes look bigger  so i will take extra time in curling my  lashes i apply the mascara fixer and then i will powder to the lower lash  line before eyeliner.

Step: 4

 Then i will tight line using bobby brown  gel eyeliner in espresso  and i will do slim basic eyeliner to make it more natural i’m using a dark  brown shadow to blend it out i’m gonna go with the midtone brown  shadow from innisfree and i’m gonna pop  that on the outer half of the bottom  lash lines this one makes my lashes looks longer.

So i really like it before i do my eyebrows i’m gonna brush  my eyebrows and then i’m moving on a  brown shadow to fill in the eyebrows  with a very thick eyebrow brush from  real techniques this could look messy but when the  eyebrows looks natural then it makes all  the makeup look natural.

Step: 5

 I think now this is the most important step in  this makeup look first i’m gonna put a  little bit amount of mascara fixer to my  eyebrow brush and then start from the  beginning of the eyebrows and the n brush  it to create the natural texture.  Then i’m gonna go with a bronzer  from benefit and contour the  outer of my face i will apply a pink blush with gold  glitters from too faced  start from the side of my cheeks  to front of it and then with the rest of it i will  apply it to my nose  this one makes my skin looks naturally  glow  so with fingertips i will apply it my  cheekbones cupid bows  chin and the nose i want to keep my leaves neutral  so i pick this color  and i’m using my fingertips to keep  blending out  so this is my  natural makeup look  i hope you guys enjoy this article.

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