How to make music on mobile.

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I love that you can start with Bandlab and immediately understand how things work, so credit for the usability. You can store unlimited projects online and do a total number of collaborations. To get you started, the software has royalty-free loops, virtual instruments, and effects plugins.

How to make music on mobile.

Let’s get started making music using the band lab mobile app.

it all starts when you push this red button and you’re greeted with colors and options and an invitation up at the top let’s make music sounds like fun but let’s go through the tracks starting from the left and moving to the right first you have import track so audio files or midi files that you have on your mobile device can be imported into band lab and you can use them in the voice of your project slash mic tracks, of course, you can record vocals but this is using your mobile device’s microphone that’s built-in or an external microphone and you can record whatever sound you want it’s an audio track so you’re recording audio lopper this is a personal favorite of mine.

How to make music on mobile.

when I first opened band lab over a year ago this is what got me hooked.

it’s really simple to use tempo and key synced where you can trigger loops and add effects and just play around it’s a whole lot of fun it’s constantly getting better so stay tuned for that midi instruments are virtual instruments that you can play like a real instrument that have either been sampled or synthesized and you can use them in your band lab projects the last two guitar and bass now these are audio tracks that have effects presets that are applicable to guitar or bass to get things sounding good after creating a new track for a new project or opening an existing project then you’ll be in the mix editor if you just invite yourself to push a few buttons figure things out maybe make a few mistakes you’ll be making music on band lab mobile in no time starting at the top we’ll work our way through those and then move throughout this mix editor and i’m just going to give you highlights the little wave form button probably the most important button because that’s where all the good stuff happens that’s where you capture your realness as an artist or whatever you’re doing you could be recorded in a podcast

How to make music on mobile.

I’ll calm down the next one is a pencil and this is where you can store notes.

Maybe you’re collaborating with somebody and you don’t want to forget things ideas and of course, lyrical content next is the gears button this is all settings you got the key and the key signature set the key f major second speed 100 and the time signature I rap below that band lab has a built-in tuner I’m disappointed though because ukulele bass guitar what about the banjo come on band lab under that are some important things about recording probably the most important is the latency fix latency is an issue, especially on android and it’s not just a band lab thing yes they’re paying me but they didn’t pay me to say that I’ve used all kinds of music production apps on android and ios android just the way that it’s built I don’t know google’s gotta do something about that all right there are other settings in here that I’m not gonna cover because most of them are self-explanatory if you catch any snags comment down below.

How to make music on mobile.

I’m glad to help but we’re not gonna be making any music staying in the settings page back to the mix editor and just like that.

I got this beat and percussion loop that I want to record but first, there’s this sound and it just repeats too often so I’m going to change that from a loop to a one-shot so it just plays once and then stops go ahead and turn those off so that’s my loop boom okay not bad onto the Casio VL tone and I’m going to use a bass track and turn on one of the effects ah that’s awesome I’ll use that preset then just record a simple [Music] progression, okay so that wasn’t perfect but this is what’s cool you can go ahead and edit it so tap slice then I’m gonna shift this one over I went too early on it actually let’s turn that down in the mixer just a little bit. I hope this article gave you some helpful information that you can use to get started with making music in band lab I highly encourage you to push some buttons if this was helpful push the share button thankyou be creative and make more music see you next time peace you


  • The Band Lab mobile app is a great way to make music on your mobile device. There are a variety of tracks to choose from, including audio, MIDI, and guitar/bass tracks. You can also add effects to your tracks and use the Looper tool to create interesting sound
  • You can use the Band Lab app to record and edit music on your phone. The app has a built-in tuner and a variety of settings that you can use to customize your recording.

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