How to seek Laylatul Qadr

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Seeking layalatul Qadr .The massanger of Allah (PBUH) said whoever wants to seek it (Lalatul Qadr) let him seek it in the last ten nights

I’m a little bit concerned about now is how should the how many of the viewers will be concerned about is how exactly should you or a Muslim seek Leila there are guidelines given in the hadith how you should seek foreign number one in the book of salah number one three seven zero Abu Dharm Allah be pleased with him he said that we used to fast along with the messenger of Allah and he never woke up up for prayer in the night except on the seventh last remaining nights where we prayed till one third of the night and on the sixth remaining night in norway kadab and again on the fifth remaining night he woke us up and we prayed till

half the night and when the prophet was about to go he asked that why don’t you pray with us the full night till morning so the prophet said that anyone who prays till the imam prays it is as though he has prayed for the full night and further it’s mentioned in say bihari verb number three in the book of superiority of Sikh national Qatar hadith number 2014 that anyone who prays in the night of life through Qatar with sincere faith and seeking Allah’s reward all his past sins will be forgiven and it’s mentioned in tirmidhi hadith number three five one two the i shall be pleased with her the wife of the prophet she asked the messenger of Allah that what if I finalize other what should i do so the prophet replied that you should do dua and supplicate to Allah saying that o Allah subhana wa ta’ala you

are most forgiving and you love forgiveness therefore forgive me that’s mentioned in say bihari volume number three in the book of fasting hadith number 2024 that the beloved prophet Muslim during the last 10 days of Ramadan he used to tighten his waist belt that means work harder and abstain from relationship with the wife and he used to stand in prayers in the last 10 nights and used to wake up his family it’s further mentioned say Muslim or number two in the book of fasting hadith number 2644 that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the last 10 nights of Ramadan he is to exert himself more and worship Allah more in the last 10 nights so this is the way how a Muslim

should seek life are there any signs of laila talked mentioned in the hadith or the Quran there are signs mentioned authentic hadith all the signs that are mentioned they are seen after later Qatar has passed so it is the will of Allah he does not want us to know exactly well if we are known then we have seen the sign and then prayed and done worship and the other nights would have just you know been a bit relaxed and not worshiped the last one of Allah this hadith mentioned say Muslim that the following of life other the next day the sun will be without rays and appear like a dish until it rises high it’s further mentioned in say Muslim movie number two in the book of fasting hadith number two 633 that the

day following life to Qatar the sun will not have it’s further mentioned in say Muslim number two in the book of fasting hadith number two six three five then the prophet said that on the night right it will Qatar the moon will appear like a plate towards the end of the month and it’s mentioned in say hadith of tabrani and ibn khuzeima that the light of light will not be too hot neither will it be too cold and it will be a generous night a night of happiness and the sun the next day after Israel will appear weak and reddish so these are the signs Allah has but all of them there after the Qatar comes so that viet seek for later

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