If someone does not do anything forbidden but only thing is that he does not pray is it possible for him to enter paradise.

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If a person doesn’t do anything forbidden but the only thing he does he does not pray so can he go to Jannah.

 It is like somebody asking me that I want to have a very good healthy body I do exercise I go to the gym I daily go to work I do cycling only thing I don’t do is I do not eat anything the full day do you think the person will be healthy just by going to the gym cycling going for the morning walk jogging very good fresh air but does not eat anything full day like it is known to us for a healthy body you should have three meals a day similarly for a spiritual soul it’s compulsory that minimum you should pray five times a day praying five times a day is further Islam regarding the question that can I go to Jannah if I don’t do anything haram and maybe do all the other good deeds but do not offer prayer our beloved prophet Muslim said it’s mentioned in Muslim point number one hadith number 246 that between the man and shirk and stands the offering of salah miss salah


praying salah is the differentiation between a man and shirk and kuffar that’s what the prophet said that there is in the scholars many scholars say that if a person who does not pray at all it is he becomes a kafir some scholars are more lenient to say that if a person doesn’t pray but believe praying is a fur then he cannot be called as a kafir the difference of being amongst the deeds that is the most important a beloved apostle said it’s mentioned in sunan and nisai volume number five hadith number 3996 that the prophet said that the first deed that Allah will ask on their judgment is regarding offering of salah so the most important deed amongst all that it is Allah as we discussed in the last session the biggest sin is the sin of shirk the thing which is haram is shirk then would be murder black magic etc similarly amongst the deeds that is the most important it is salah it is prayer and if you don’t do that that is like your hundred dollars in deeds like how I said in sin shirk is the worst similarly in deeds number one is


Allah if you don’t offer salah can you go to Jannah Allah says in the Quran in surah nisa chapter number 48 and surah nisar chapter number 4 verse number 116 if Allah pleases he may forgive any sin but the sin of shirk he will never forgive yes if after committing shirk if you repent ask for forgiveness and stop it Inshallah forgive that also but if you die as a mushrik without asking for forgiveness without leaving shirk you are destined for hell fire there is no forgiveness the most important deed to be done is salah if you don’t offer salah the chances of you going to Jannah is bare minimal very negligible if Allah wishes to forgive you because they have not done shirk Allah may forgive you possibility is there probability is not there possibility yes but very low 0.0001 because that’s the most important deed if you do something else and if Allah is pleased with you


and Allah wants to forgive you there is too much of if sin but the person cannot take the risk we are undergoing the final examination this is the test for the hereafter you cannot take that chance and if you analyze if I ask you a simple question there is a human being who everyone is saying who is so grateful he’s such a good human being and he is looking after other people he is going and helping the poor and he is loving everyone else and when you closely go and analyze you realize that he had a mother and father who were very loving who took care of him who looked after him and educated him gave him good clothes and then he became rich but later on he doesn’t take care of his parents at all he’s not even going and meeting them for years together he’s not thanking them so how will you call him a good human being just because helping the poor but


the main people maintain human beings his parents mother and father who took care of him gave him the education and bought him up because of that why today he’s got a good job and he neglects them doesn’t meet them doesn’t care for them doesn’t go and even say how are you for years together how can you call him a good even me we are getting guidance from him how should we lead our life i have given the talk on salah the programming towards righteousness that not only do we pray and thank Allah we also get guidance from him and if we offer sallah in the right way we are being guided to good deeds so the chances if you offer salah correctly you will be on the straight path is very high and if you are in trouble the best solution is allah if you are in trouble and if you have a problem you cannot say that you have tried everything to solve the problem until you pray in the last one third of the night and ask for the problem to be solved in tajin besides the five couples in salah there are many other salah salah is the


programming to righteousness it is your main soul the best deed salah and while I was doing my little research on the life of the prophet I realized that the prophet on average so this doesn’t mention exactly how many hours slept in a day on average according to my study he might have slept between three to four hours a day because hadi says that he should pray for one third of the night he has to pray sure then surimaran that’s more than two jews the nearly two jews both put together four jews so but naturally to take us so based on this depending upon whether summer or winter the nights keep on getting shot and long the maximum that the prophet could have slept was maybe three to four hours not more than that and if you analyze the time used to spend praying every day if you just calculate logically it would be more than five six hours so according to me according to my research the prophet prayed more number of hours than the number of hours he slept anyway let me be very clear there is no hadith or no


Quranic was telling that you should spend more time in praying than sleeping not at all but this was the practice of the prophet I’m just telling you something about the prophet practice not that every human being should do it it’s difficult but as a normal human being requires about seven hours of sleep minimum seven to eight hours minimum is six hours so it’s difficult that’s the reason if you heard my answer when I gave last month in the month of Ramadan about my daily routine I said when I was in Bombay I used to sleep for about three hours and I have to pray also approximately for three hours when I came to Malaysia I started praying for about four hours 15 minutes and my sleep increased to three and a half hours this was what I said in Ramadan but after Ramadan for the last one month Alhamdulillah I’ve increased my time for prayers I started playing targets for minimum one and a half hour every day Alhamdulillah after I’m done half juice in a slow recitation takes about one and a half hour previously massage used to vary from 20 minutes 30 minutes sometime one hour but average was about 30 minutes now it has increased to one and a half more than one hour so now my average time I spent counting the time from the azan when I do walk to the mosque come back total all the five salah and the salah and tajiw approximately 5 hours 15 minutes if I remove the time of wuzhu and the time of going and coming and the time of dua yet it will be more than four hours Alhamdulillah and my time


of sleep is about three and a half hours so when I’m Alhamdulillah trying that let my hours of salah be more than hours of my sleep anyway this is not compulsory at all for the Muslims it is just my research and i am trying to follow what I can and Allah has blessed me that I can do my work throughout the day even with sleeping less it’s a nyamat from Allah so prayer is the most important deed regarding the answer that if you don’t pray and do all the other good deeds and stay away from the bad deeds the chances of you going to Jannah is very very bare minimal wants to forgive and put you in Jannah that’s Allah’s prerogative but the chances are very less so my request to you brother that see to it that you pay attention on your salah your full life should revolve around salah if a person is a good practicing Muslim all these activities in the day it revolves around salah the timing needs is based on salah before salah after salah the time he sleeps is based on salah the appointment he gives to anyone is based on salah so those people are practicing Muslim and see to it that they offer salah five times a day in jamaat in the mosque their whole daily routine revolves around salah it is the most important factor it builds a discipline in you and it is the most important deed I request you that you should always pray Alhamdulillah five times a day in the mosque in jamaat that’s the best hope.

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