Mona Lisa mysteries image hidden massage of aliens

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Mona Lisa mysteries image hidden massage of aliens

Florence Italy 1503 Leonardo da Vinci begins work on a portrait commissioned by a wealthy silk merchant for his wife but it is a painting he will never part with obsessing over every detail for what would be the last 16 years of his life the Mona lisa it is only a portrait and yet it seems to have dimensions and mysteries that have yet to be explained.

 The Mona Lisa’s smile

 Is not the kind of smile that we tend to see in portraits she seems to know something that we don’t what starts as a portrait a representation of a woman turns into something quite different it turns into a kind of philosophical meditation on all his intellectual concerns what was it about the mona lisa that would so consume the final years of Leonardo da vinci’s life and why would he dedicate so much of his time to a single 20 by 30 inch portrait.

Secret massages in paintings of Leonardo da Vinci

 There are a lot of theories that leonardo has secret symbols and secret messages in his paintings everything he’s doing he’s rethinking even traditional subjects in the very beginning and really imagining them in new and creative ways .all his life leonardo da vinci incorporated a technique called mirror writing.

Mirror writing hidden massage.

Is it possible that he also used a similar technique in his artwork leaving hidden messages that can only be revealed with the use of mirrors the mirror writing is something which defines him and so the possibility that he was also using the mirror as an unknown dimension whereby he needs to have the mirror to see certain things within his paintings is definitely something which i think we need to explore at.

Northeastern university

 Northeastern university in Boston Massachusetts graphic designer Terence mason uses computer technology to search for hidden messages in leonardo’s masterworks we know that he was insatiably curious about reflections and refractions and optics and the human anatomy of the eye and how that mirrored reflections of conical-shaped mirrors is it possible that leonardo applied his mirror technique to hide secret messages in the Mona lisa but if so why to our classic Mona lisa leonardo’s portraiture always had very dramatic hand positioning his hand position was a clue to the access points of rotation of these mirrored angles so if we try this.

What do we see

 Is this helmet-shaped creature simply the product of a parlor trick if so then why can a similar creature be seen in another famous painting by da vinci virgin and child with saint Anne.

 well this painting virgin of the rocks we always notice the dramatic hand poses of leonardo is that giving us a hint about where to put the reflective plane so we’re in a 3d environment here we can do anything we want we just make a little duplicate come in a little closer that’s a little spooky so interesting similarity to what we did with the mona lisa right we’ve got something close to modern understanding of.

Alien heads

alien heads could there really be hidden messages in leonardo da vinci’s paintings messages that reveal the artist’s connection to other worldly beings and why was the artist so obsessed with dissecting the human form was it for purposes of his art or was there another more extraterrestrial reasons you??

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