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This fabled region right in the center of turkey every civilization from the Persians to the to the Romans and beyond has laid claim to this area it’s one of these places in the ancient world where the history is layered so thick you hardly even know where to begin this mountainous region covers two thousand square miles of craggy cliffs and peaks reaching 14 000 feet in elevation it’s easy to get lost without a local guide when you come here what strikes you is the physical landscape these fairy chimneys are very famous all these volcanic deposits have been eroded away to give you these incredible rock formations that’s what’s on the surface the natural phenomenon but below my feet is the mystery made by man what really makes.

 Discovered in 1972 by a farmer

Cappadocia one of the coolest places in the world is the intricate network of underground cities beneath this moonscape this one here is called asana and it was discovered in 1972 by a farmer who noticed the water in his field draining into a hole when he opened it up he found a sprawling metropolis made of stone look at that this is so cool i was here 15 years ago when i was 15 years younger and much less wise i’d like to think back then only a number of these cities had been excavated the working theory was that they were all dug around three thousand years ago to serve as emergency shelters for a few thousand people but since i was last here they’ve uncovered more and more of these underworlds archaeologists.

Underground city is itself connected to another

 Now believe that there are 200 of these cities and they’re much bigger than we thought back then i mean this entire underground city is itself connected to another underground city presumably connected to another one that’s the suspicion that they sort of had this ability to create this whole underground network this might be a megalopolis of underground cities it’s a whole you know suburban sprawl the features of the underground city are impressive especially considering they were made with hand tools it must have taken decades or even centuries to build them there’s another tunnel that way there’s another door there and it just continues but what i’ve always been curious about is.

who built them

 who built them and why luckily a new discovery 30 miles from here may do exactly that halil saccharal is an archaeologist who uncovered some ancient hieroglyphs back in 2019. i want to know if there’s anything in these hieroglyphs that may point to the creators of the underground cities this is the place up there yeah this is the entrance hey look at that oh this is amazing that’s very old construction and these are the scripts oh yeah it’s a hieroglyphs oh look at this so this thing is a storybook and these are all symbols so this shows the mountain is big mountain is strong holy after some sample testing from the organic materials in the in the ground the carbon date says this is 3 500 years ago.


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