What will happen if we die in the Month of Ramdan

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Today regarding prophet Muhammad statement which you mentioned in your last answer regarding the fact the uh the gates of uh paradise are open and the gates of hell are closed does this mean that we will be going to paradise if we die in this blessed month this again is the same question of the same hadith same hadith which are called earlier of Ahmad number two page number 230 hadith number 7148 and it also appears in sunnah nisai chapter number five hadith number 2106 again the same hadith the prophet said he told the people that the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching already for you that you fast in this month and in this month the gates of heaven will be open and the gates of hell will be closed and


the devils will be chained and this month is the night of qatar which is more blessed than a thousand months and a person who’s deprived of the pleasures of the blessings in this month is truly a deprived person here again this is a common question that if the gates of heaven open and the gates of hell are closed then anyone who dies but naturally will go to Jannah because the gates of hell are closed and then open does it mean that even if a non-Muslim dies in this month even he’ll have to go to Jannah the reply to this question is when allah says that in this month of Ramadan the gates of heaven are open it means the gates of heaven are inviting you to enter Jannah that means that even if you do a small deed Allah will multiply your reward another prophet said that every deed will get a reward 10 times and in this month it’s very easy to enter Jannah when a prophet said the gates of hell will be closed indicating that to enter hell is difficult in this month why because the taqwa level rises and the chance of you to commit


sin is less and furthermore if you fast the full month in the month of Ramadan seeking Allah’s reward all your pastors will be forgiven so the moment the person fast in this complete month of Ramadan seeking Allah’s reward all his persons are completely forgiven so if the past sins are forgiven the chances of him going to hell is nil but what we have to realize the criteria for the gates of heaven to be open and the gates of hell to be closed is that you have to fast and furthermore to enter Jannah you require a ticket the ticket to go to Jannah is mentioned in the Quran in surah al-assad chapter 103 Muslim one two three when Allah says that by the token of time man is verily in a state of loss except those who have faith those righteous deeds those who exhort people to truth and those who exert people to passion and perseverance this surah according to imam shafi he said that only if the surah was to be revealed of the Quran it would have been sufficient for the salvation of mankind so importantness it is called as rahimijat the way for salvation and the criteria for any human being to enter Jannah is four first is iman second is righteous deeds third is exalting people to truth and fourth is exhorting people to patient perseverance so here we realize that the gates of


havana open but just because the gates open you can’t enter you require the ticket the ticket is iman the ticket is righteous deed exiling people to truth exalting people to patient pursuance and to get this ticket is very easy month of Ramadan because the iman level rises in the month of Ramadan furthermore your righteous deed the reward is multiplied it’s easier you can call people to truth your patient level increases so this hadith means that you have to have the criteria then inshallah you shall go to Jannah and you’ll not go to hell but that doesn’t mean that hundred percent people who die will go to Jannah surely those are non-believers they have got no iman so there’s no question that they will enter Jannah if a person has to enter Jannah he requires a ticket and the ticket to Jannah is surya al-assam furthermore if you read the hadith it says that only if you fast in the month of Ramadan that means and you follow all the rules and regulations and I pretend something which I prohibited then the doors of heaven will be open and the gates of hell will be closed furthermore it says in this month is a night which is equivalent to more than thousand months indicating that even if you pray and worship to allah and this one night it will equivalent to more than a thousand months is about more than 80 years imagine so the chances for you


to get a reward only in this one night is more than a lifetime an average human being lives for 60 years so one let’s look at is more than a thousand months is about more than 18 years more than average life of a human being the chances are very easy guru Jannah and the ending part of the hadith says a person who is deprived of these blessings is truly a deprived person indicating that everyone will not go to Jannah everyone will not find the doors of heaven open it says the ending part very important that a person who’s deprived of the blessings in this month is truly a deprived person that means telling us Muslims that if you cannot get the benefits of the month of Ramadan and then if you cannot go to jannah then you are truly a deprived person that even includes non-Muslims who haven’t got the hidayah they are truly deprived people .

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